Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed most wondered subjects and frequently asked questions to make you feel safe at every step of your shopping experience.

You can use the communication form for different questions. Wish you pleasant shopping.

Questions Related to Orders
  • How Can I Buy From Exxeselection Online Shop?

    After signing up to our online shop, you can add the product you wish to buy by “ADD TO CARD” button. You can complete your order by clicking “GO TO CARD” button and entering your billing, payment and delivery info.

  •  I Get an Error While Creating an Order, What Should I Do?

    If you encounter any problem while creating your order, you can get in contact with us by calling our number (+90 444 30 79) or sending an e-mail to We will help you as soon as possible

Questions about Payments
  • Which Payment Methods are Available on Exxeselection Online Shop?

    You can pay with a credit card or money transfer.

  • I would like to Pay via Money Transfer, What is Your Bank Account Information?

    Garanti Bankası -Marmara Ticari - Hesap No: 6292673 –
    Çetin Family Tekstil (IBAN: TR15 0006 2001 6050 0006 2926 73)

  • Which Credit Cards are Usable and have Installment Options on Exxeselection Online Shop?

    You can use Bonus, World, Maximum, CardFinans, Axess and Paraf credit cards up to 6 installments with interest-free. You can pay in full with every credit card, if you wish.

  • Is is a Trustworthy Website?

    All credit card transactions and confirmations are performed by your bank with online “3D secure” technology, not by us. Your credit card number, security code or password cannot be seen or recorded by Exxeselection. Whose substructure was prepared in accordance with safe shopping and the principle of privacy of personal information, is working with top level communication protocols like SSL technology and 3D secure.

  • How Can I Use My Gift Card?

    If you have a valid gift card, in order to use it, first add the product you would like to purchase to your cart, then write your gift code to the space by clicking the DISCOUNT COUPON button. After clicking APPLY, your gift code is applied. Without signing in as a member, you cannot use gift cards.

  • Can I Use My Gift Card in Discounted Items?

    Yes, you can use.

Questions about Delivery and Cargo
  • When will My Item(s) Depart?

    The item(s) purchased until 11:00 will be handed over to delivery except the force majeure. After 11:00, orders will be dispatched in next business day. In campaign times, delivery times and conditions may vary.

    When your item dispatched, an e-mail including your delivery tracking number will be sent to you. Within Turkey, depending on your delivery address, the time varies between 1-3 business days.

  • Will I Pay any Delivery Fee?

    In Turkey, your deliveries are free of charge.

  • When Will My Order Reach Me?

    Delivery time varies between 24 and 96 hours depending on your location. (Turkey specific)

  • Do You Deliver Abroad?

    Yes, you can order from anywhere.

Questions about Returns and Exchanges
  • How Can I Exchange My Item(s)?

    You can exchange your item(s) with your invoice within 14 days from the delivery date. You should communicate with us to start the exchange process. The exchange section on the bottom of the invoice should be filled. You can return us with the company code on the bottom of the invoice.

  • How Can I Return My Item(s)?

    You can return your item(s) with your invoice within 14 days from the delivery date provided that the item is resellable and unused. The tags, logos or other accessories should be intact. After the examination of the item(s), if our team detect any damage, your return may not be accepted. If any accessories (like belt or buckle) is linked with the item(s), they should be returned as well. The return delivery fee is covered by us when you use Aras Kargo. When the return is confirmed, within 10 business days of legal time, your refund to the credit card will be completed. This duration starts when Exxeselection receives your item.

  • If the Item(s) I Bought is Defected, How Can I Exchange It?

    All Exxeselection products are produced with top level quality control standards. If you detect any problem in the products you purchased from Exxeselection online shop, you can send us the item(s) with the invoice to be investigated. You will be informed after the investigation process. According the results of the investigation, if any defect is detected in your item(s), you can return or exchange the item(s). Item(s) with defects based on user error cannot be exchanged or returned.

  • How Many Times Can I Exchange My Item(s)?

    You can exchange your items 2 times within the first 14 days from your delivery date.

  • Where Will I Send My Item(s) for Exchange or Return?

    You can send the item(s) you would like to exchange or return to the address below.

    We request you to give the code 822607621725 to Aras Kargo.

    Product return/exchange address:

    Barış Mh. Defne sk. No:34

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